Seniors Home Shared Program

We know how hard it is to keep up a home. It can often become overwhelming.

We all love our homes and don’t want to leave them. My Shared Place can show you how to relieve the burden of keeping up your home while making extra income to help pay for your expense.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Do I need help with household chores?
  • I’m lonely, it would be nice to have someone around that I could depend on?
  • I love to travel, it would be nice to have someone at home to take care of things?
  • Could I use the extra money?
  • Would I feel good by helping others and helping myself at the same time?
  • I really hate asking my children to do things for me, would more help alleviate that?
  • Do I need someone to take me places?

My Shared Place; We Show You How to Accomplish the Following:

  • Where to find tenants
  • How to select tenants
  • How to form a team who can assist you in the area that you need help
  • How to from a corporate house
  • How to set up a house
  • How to write a business plan to fit any budget
  • Where to find the money
  • Life is good when you learn to share

You’re never alone with My Share Place.  We will show you how to find tenants and form a team who will assist you in the areas that you need help.

My Shared Place Self Help Guide Book

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Life is good when you Share