Students Shared Housing Program

My Shared Place will show you how to live rent free and make money at the same time, when you are away at college. Then sell the business for a good profit when finish college.

You have to live somewhere, with a little effort you can earn the extra money that you will need. Why you are away at college.

How you can make money with my Shared Place Program

  1. Find the right house in the best neighborhoods
  2. How to secure your future with real estate
  3. How to form a corporate house
  4. Where to find the money
  5. Business Plan to fit any budget.
  6. How to set up your house
  7. How to chose your tenants
  8. How to form a team to reach your common goal.
  9. Life is good when you learn to share.
  10. Question to ask yourself
  11. What’s your gut feeling about living with others?
  12. Can you deal with different personalities
  13. Are you a leader , that knows how to delegate and negotiate
  14. Are you an organizer?
  15. Can you manage money
  16. Do you like to do physical work

If you need help in any of these areas, don’t worry we will show you how to find Tenants and form a team who will assist you in the area that you need help.

When you share anything with anybody it can become very difficult, especially living under the same roof.
However when you are on a mission ,going forward to reach a common goal , you will soon come to understand ,By giving up self interest and giving more towards a common endeavor for a mutual economic benefit . A Shared home can give you the financial freedom you need .when attending college.