Singles Home Share Program


My Shared Place is an inspiration during hard times. My Shared Place is designed to help any person or persons find a home and take control of their life. Even if you’re homeless or only make minimum wage, by working together, you can make this work.

The benefits of a shared home are freedom from want, and the ability to fulfill all your basic needs, giving you the time, money, and security that’s required to live a good life. Own the home of your dreams, and feel the pride and accomplishment, by helping others and securing your own financial future.

When you share anything with anybody it can become very difficult, especially living under the same roof. However, when you are on a mission, going forward to reach a common goal, following the rules will benefit everyone involved. You will soon come to understand that by giving up self interest and giving more toward your extended family and their goals, you and your children can have the best life and maybe find a best friend for life in the process.

Question to ask yourself:

  • What’s your gut feeling about living with extended family?
  • Can you deal with different personalities?
  • Are you a leader that knows how to delegate and negotiate?
  • Are you organizer?
  • Can you manage money?
  • Do you like to do physical work?
  • Can you use a computer?

If you are need help in any of these areas, we will show you how to find tenants and form a team who can assist you in the areas that you need help. If you would like to find out more about how you can secure your financial future with My Shared Place Program, please contact us.

My Shared Place Self Help Guide Book

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How you can make money with My Shared Place program

  • We will show you how you can find the right house in the best neighborhoods
  • How to secure your future with real estate
  • How to form a corporate house
  • Where to find the money
  • Plan A, B or C
  • How to set up your house
  • How to choose your tenants
  • Why you need form a team to reach your goals
  • You and your children can have the best life ever though sharing

My Shared Place provides links to other useful websites for additional information. As more people get involved, we hope they share their experience with us. They can post information on My Shared Place Blog. For all to share, will keep you inform on our web site.