It is more difficult than ever for a mother and a father to hold down their jobs, if they are even lucky enough to have a job. The present-day economy has affected everyone and everything.

On top of the financial stress, people have to find time to do all the house work and chores that come along with being a home owner. If you have children to care for on top of all that, life can become a real dilemma. You could ask your family or friends for help, but you really don’t want to burden them with your problems.

If you found yourself caught up in this dilemma, My Shared Place will free you from your worry and grant you independence and financial freedom.

If you own your home and are having a hard time making the mortgage payments, Home Share can provide the extra income you need.

If you’re just looking for a place to live, a Shared Home can provide financial freedom and a better life for you and your family.  It can give you the opportunity to live in the best of neighborhoods with the best schools.

Home Share allows you to find more time for yourself, leaves  more money in your pocket, and with your new extended family, there will always be someone at home waiting for you and your children.

The Bottom Line

Using the philosophy of Shared Home, you can get back on track fast, with the freedom, security, shelter, food, and money to live the life you deserve. We all know when you share, it can become very difficult, especially living under the same roof. However, when you are on a mission, going forward to reach a common goal, you will come to understand that by giving up your self interest and giving more towards a common goal and a mutual economic benefit, a shared home can give you the financial freedom you need.

This may not be a perfect solution, but if you are in a situation where you feeling overwhelmed, over worked, and running short on money with no time to devote to your family and friends, a Shared Home can help you out of your dilemma and provide a good life for you and your family.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • What’s your gut feeling about living with other people?
  • Can you deal with different personalities?
  • Are you a leader who knows how to delegate and negotiate?
  • Are you an organizer?
  • Can you manage money?
  • Do you like to do physical work?
  • Can you use a computer?

If you need help in any of these areas, we will show you how to find tenants and form a winning team who can assist you in the area that you need help.

Financial Freedom:

  • How to secure your future
  • How to form a corporate house
  • Take your corporate tenant lease to your banker negotiate a loan
  • Where to find money
  • How to write a business plan to fit any budget
  • How to set up your house
  • How to choose your tenants
  • How to form a winning team
  • Life is good when you Share

My Shared Place Self Help Guide Book

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