Military /Homeless Program

It can be very difficult to share with others, especially when living under the same roof. If you were in the military, you already know how this works.

However, when you are on a mission, going forward to reach a common goal, following the rules will benefit everyone involved.

You will come to understand that by letting go of your own self-interest and giving more towards a common goal for a mutual economic benefit, you will gain the financial freedom you have been looking for.

By sharing with others you can have the best life and maybe even find a best friend for life in the process.

Question to Ask Yourself:

  • What’s your gut feeling about living with others?
  • Can you deal with different personalities?
  • Are you healthy, clean, and neat?
  • Can you make up a resume with personal references?
  • Do you have a criminal record?
  • Do you like to do physical work?
  • Can you accept help, if you work for it?
  • Can you follow the rules of a shared home?
  • Would you be willing to change if you need to?

If you are in need help in any of these areas, we will show you how to find someone who can assist you in the that area.

My Shared Place Business Program

Even if you are homeless, you can start a Home Share business

  1. We will show you how you can find the right house in the best neighborhoods
  2. How to secure your future with real estate
  3. Why you need to from a corporate house
  4. Where to find the money
  5. How to create a business plan to fit any budget
  6. How to set up your house
  7. How to chose your tenants
  8. Why you need to form a team
  9. Life is good when you Share

My Shared Place Self Help Guide Book

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