About My Shared Place

This book has four objectives. First and foremost is to help people find affordable housing and help them get back on track with their life and financial needs. The world has changed; these are desperate time for many people, The world’s recent economic collapse has affected everyone and everything, for some it‘s a recession and for others it’s a depression. People are in need of affordable housing, and that makes shared home living affordable and practical

The second objective is to stabilize the real estate market by putting people back to work retrofitting abandoned houses into new energy efficient homes and re-establish neighborhoods all across America. This is a tremendous amount of work that can be done immediately. There is absolutely no reason for any construction worker to be unemployed when there is so much to do.

The third objective is to help put a stop to foreclosure, by showing home owners and banks how they can add value while earning extra income from these homes, and at the same time increasing the supply of affordable housing that is desperately needed.

The fourth objective, is the need to encourage financial collaboration between the principal players. Nothing is going to get done without money.

Real estate investors are needed, and they need to make money. Bank need to cooperate with these investors as well as the homeowner’s who are in foreclosure. Renting rooms is the first and oldest real estate business there is. Home sharing just may be the best real estate investment into the next decade. This could only happen in time of a severe recession or depression.

About a shared home, you cannot choose you’re natural family, but you can choose and form a team for a new extended family of choice, make the best life possible.

Webster’s definition of a family, all those descended from a common ancestor or a group of similar or related things.

Call it what you will. Call it a clan, tribe, family and even a network. No matter how you describe it or what you call it. We all need one.

Note, Most counties and towns have a definition of the word “Family” in their municipal code / zoning ordinance. Before you buy any property, check with your legal advisor.  (codes and zoning ordinances).

My Shared Place
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